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Clientele: Testimonials


Clientele & Collaborators

"I count myself as one of the very fortunate few who have the pleasure of working with and learning from Laurent Philippe. He is the rarest of coaches; at times inspiring, humbling, and always in search of the best sound…your sound. He knows voices in a way that very few do, and has a knowledge of operatic repertoire that most of us can only aspire to achieve. He has a way of keeping you on your toes, and guiding you through passages of music and vocal technique that could otherwise seem impossible. I know I am a better singer and artist because of him, and I can only hope to continue."

- Nicole Car, soprano
Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House, Wiener Staatsoper, Opéra national de Paris

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"I consider Laurent to be one of the finest opera coaches in the entire industry. I have worked privately with Laurent for over a decade on operas and repertoire in preparation for roles across the world. His knowledge of repertoire spanning 400 years and his fluency in all the languages of opera make him ideal for singers looking to find a brilliant coach. Laurent has a very hard line approach for an industry which requires singers to be at the highest quality level year after year. He understands the nuance of the theater world and how to approach the career every step of the way. I’m proud not only to call Laurent my opera coach but more importantly a good friend. He has guided me all across the world in a positive and healthy manner and I encourage any serious singer who wants to have a career within the opera industry to work with Laurent Philippe."

- Scott Conner, bass
Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House, Opernhaus Zürich, Santa Fe Opera

"Words can’t describe how much Laurent Philippe has impacted my arc as an artist and musician over the many years that we’ve worked together. He has managed to find that unique key balance in demanding that every artist work to their fullest potential, while still allowing them the freedom to find out what that is for themselves. In a business where it can be hard to find someone to deliver the unfiltered truth, Laurent dispatches his ideas of how to improve with a killer wit, finely tuned ears, and most importantly, compassion. I have brought this man to more countries and gigs than anyone I’ve ever worked with, and can always count on him for his trusted advice and care. His ability to pinpoint and explain how to attain colors within every musical phrase and give a nod to every hint of subtext is unparalleled. Never expect to leave a session without a full body and mind workout. I will forever have nuggets from sessions past etched in my brain (Oh, how I appreciate those ludicrous yet apt analogies hurled my way in the process!) whenever I crack the score of something we’d prepared. Wouldn’t you know? The role always comes right back. This man is the real deal. He is what opera is all about."


- Ellie Dehn, soprano
Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House, Teatro alla Scala, Bayerische Staatsoper 


"Eccentric, zany, and absolutely unique, Laurent Philippe is without doubt one of the most extraordinarily gifted and skilled vocal coaches and recitalists in the musical world today. A totally honest musician, with himself and with others, he constantly strives to get the very best out of the singers he works with in an organic, relaxed, direct and natural manner. Together with a vigorous work ethic, he brings a unique perspective and deep psychological awareness to his work. One of his maxims 'address your issues before they address you' sums up his no nonsense, tough-love approach. Whether as my coach, accompanist, or cheerleader, I could never imagine achieving what I have in my career without him by my side."

- Joyce El-Khoury, soprano
Royal Opera House, Canadian Opera Company, Opera Australia, Glyndebourne Festival

Fabiano & Philippe

"There is no greater support system for the working musician than Laurent Philippe. He is an island among men. He is a rock for the hard working. He doesn't mince words and he never stops fighting for great artistry."

- Michael Fabiano, tenor
Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House, Teatro Real Madrid, Berlin Staatsoper


"Laurent Philippe is the best coach, inside & out. I met Laurent during my time in the young artist program with Opera Australia. He was tough, but every word he said was true. Later, we started work on my solo engagements. After working with Laurent on my solo repertoire, a conductor I worked with professionaly took notice of my progress that resulted from the work I did with Laurent. I can also say so many wonderful things about how supportive he is to me and my family. He is not just a music or vocal coach. He is a life coach. During quarantine we did virtual preparation together for my debut as Manon with Korean National Opera, which was such a success during the pandemic. Laurent is one of the greatest teachers of our time."

- Eva Jinhee Kong, soprano
Opera Australia, Korean National Opera, Opera Queensland, Sydney Symphony

"Laurent has been my most important resource for the past 10 years of my singing career. He possesses all of the most important qualities that a coach can offer a singer. World class musicianship, paired with comprehensive knowledge of the repertoire, a sympathetic sensory based understanding of the function of the singing voice, and unparalleled ears for tension or technical issues. Laurent not only helps me to sing with ease, but also consistently offers intriguing interpretive suggestions that inspire my own creative impulses. I trust Laurent above anyone with my development as a singer, with my artistry, and with my mental well being, as he has helped me prepare for any challenge that the career has presented. He has helped me through periods of natural changes in the voice and guided me to new technical advances that have helped me keep consistency in my singing. He believes in a holistic approach of addressing technical issues before they become a hinderance, and is always keeping the larger picture in mind when working with singers. I would strongly recommend Laurent to anyone who is committed to furthering their abilities to communicate freely as a singing artist."


- Sydney Mancasola, soprano
Metropolitan Opera, Opéra National de Paris, Komische Oper Berlin, Oper Frankfurt


"Laurent possesses one of the sharpest ears that I've ever encountered in the departments of tuning, diction, and phrasing. His thoroughness in collaborative preparation is only matched by his deep passion for music making and storytelling. Not only is he sensitive to genre and style but he holds a knowledge and insight into vocal repertoire that few can claim. Laurent is a coach capable of motivating you to strive for a level of performance you didn't think possible and he does so with the right blend of humor and intensity. Not to mention, If you are in need of a pianist who can compete with the power of an orchestra, look no further."

- Wes Mason, baritone
Glimmerglass Festival, Opera Philadelphia, Michigan Opera Theater, Fort Worth Opera


"Laurent Philippe is one of the finest coaches that I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is an essential part of my team and I would not be anywhere near where I am vocally and musically were it not for him. His passion for the art form and dedication to his artists is truly unparalleled and I am lucky to count myself among his singers."

- Chloe Olivia Moore, soprano
Dayton Opera, Annapolis Opera, Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre, Vocal Arts DC


"I have been working with Monsieur Philippe since that fateful first week at AVA (Academy of Vocal Arts) in September 2010. I say, 'fateful' because from that initial interaction with him when we clashed on everything, it could have gone nowhere with me deciding he was just too harsh, and that I needed a coach who would hold my hand while offering me half-truths to massage my ego. But it proved a meaningful relationship because I learned about consistency in my work and honest feedback from him that helps me track my progress. He has helped to elevate my musicianship, and I appreciate his mentorship, loyalty and friendship."

- Musa Ngqungwana, bass-baritone
LA Opera, Washington National Opera, Canadian Opera Company, English National Opera 

"Laurent Philippe: Loyal, tough, supportive and a no BS operatic coach. He knows the criteria required to be a world class musician and prepares his operatic artists to survive & thrive in this extremely difficult business. He brings to the coaching studio high expectations of technical proficiency, respect for the operatic score, linguistic command & musical excellence. He is tough, but he gets results. He is a musician of the highest caliber, whom I am honored to call my collaborative partner."

- Heather Phillips, soprano
Oper Frankfurt, Tiroler Festspiele Erl, New York Philharmonic, Santa Fe Opera


"Laurent is gold for singers! He is a wonderful musician who really understands how to get the best out of ones voice. Along with this he is detailed, funny, sensitive and hugely inspiring. Laurent has a talent of enabling singers to open up and maximise their voices full potential - it is revelatory! I couldn’t recommend him more!"

- Clare Presland, mezzo-soprano
Royal Opera House, Opera Holland Park, Théatre des Champs-Elysées


“Laurent isn’t just a coach—he’s an orchestra. When he’s playing, I feel totally supported. There are very few sets of ears I trust, but with Laurent’s meticulous ear and his expert knowledge of the tenor voice, I always know I’m in good hands.”

- Adam Smith, tenor
Glyndebourne Festival, Opéra national de Bordeaux, Scottish National Opera, Opera Vlaanderen


“[Steven] Staryk feels that a pianist and musician of  Philippe's caliber is, 'found only in a five fork-and-spoon Michelin-rated kitchen.' Philippe added an element of real-world intensity to Staryk's master classes, and the two made an effective team, one addressing various problems on a personal level during rehearsals, the other fulfilling the formal role of instructor and diplomatic referee.”

- Thane Lewis in an excerpt from Fiddling with Life, Steven Staryk
Steven Staryk, violinist & former concertmaster of Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam,
Chicago Symphony & Toronto Symphony

“Working with Laurent Philippe is very rewarding, I always sing better after the coaching! He is relentless and will not stop until he gets the best out of me.”

- Virginie Verrez, mezzo-soprano
Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, Opéra national de Paris, Berlin Philharmonic, Glyndebourne Festival


"I love working with Laurent Philippe. He is a phenomenal coach, an incredible musician, and above all, a dear friend. He is a true collaborator-unafraid to express his artistry and truly create in the moment. His concern is always for the health of the artist. He was first my coach, and I love that no matter the repertoire, venue, or stakes, he always has my best interests at heart. And, per his style, with him I will forever be reminded to ‘Sing out, Mezzo!’ He keeps me humble- he once told me my voice sounded like trash with bits of gold; yes, a love-hate relationship! But, he pushes me beyond even what I sometimes can see at that moment. I love to stretch my art, live outside the box. Laurent Philippe helps me do just that!"

- Chrystal Williams, mezzo-soprano
Opera North UK, Minnesota Opera, Seattle Opera, Opera Philadelphia

“Laurent is a consummate musician and linguist, but he also has an intuitive understanding of voices that’s unmatched. My work with him for the past thirteen years has shaped who I am as an artist. I’m so thankful to have Laurent on my team—I wouldn’t be where I am without him.”

- Corinne Winters, soprano
 Royal Opera House, Salzburger Festspiele, Opera Roma, Opernhaus Zürich


*All photos courtesy of and used with permission from the individual artists or performing venue.

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